About Us

The idea for this website all started after my wife and I completed an extensive backyard transformation. We had been in our home for a few years, in a new build neighborhood, and like typical new builds, we had a boring, hard to use, backyard space. We spent the better part of a year planning, designing, and researching our dream backyard oasis. Part of that master plan was a hot tub.

HotTubInsight.com was born from this process. I spent many nights scouring the internet, visiting local dealers, and watching YouTube videos trying to learn everything I could about buying, owning, maintaining, and using a Hot Tub. I found some good resources and forums, but was frustrated by the lack of a central authority and the noticeable bias in the majority of the information available. Numerous YouTube channels and blogs were either run by dealers who sold specific brands, or the brand manufacturers themselves.

The goal of this site is to centralize the information, filter through the bias, and provide everyone from those looking for their very first hot tub (like we were) to seasoned owners of multiple, a place to learn, discover, and better enjoy their hot tub. I hope you find this resource fun and helpful. Happy Hot Tubbing!